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Elshaddai Health Care LLC  Elshaddai Health Care  1470 Schletti St  Saint Paul, MN  Oct 02, 2018 

Elshaddai Health Care

Address: 1470 Schletti St
Saint Paul, MN 55117

Phone: 951-742-9106

Provider: Elshaddai Health Care LLC

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018

Type of Home: Foster Care

Funding Type: CAC, CADI Waiver, Elderly Waiver, Medical Assistance

Beds Available: 2

Bedroom Location & Privacy: Main Floor /

# of Bathrooms: 2

Physical Accommodations Available: Wheelchair, Hoyer Lift, Ramp, Hospital Bed, Bathroom Hand Rails

Nursing Support: Weekly Visit

Typical Staffing Pattern: 1:3

Overnight Supervision: Awake