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Calm Home Health Care LLC  Calm Home Heath Care  6901 Bethia LN  Brookly Park, MN  Jan 09, 2021 

Calm Home Heath Care

Address: 6901 Bethia LN
Brookly Park, MN 55428

Phone: 612-433-9070

Provider: Calm Home Health Care LLC

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2021

Type of Home: SLS, ICF

Funding Type: CADI Waiver

Beds Available: 5

Bedroom Location & Privacy: Main Floor, Basement /

# of Bathrooms: 3

Physical Accommodations Available: Ramp

Nursing Support: On Site

Challenging Behaviors: Self Injurious, Verbal Aggression, Physical Aggression, Property Destruction, Emergency Use of Controlled Procedure, Positive Support Transition Plan

Typical Staffing Pattern: 1:3

Overnight Supervision: Awake